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Board & Train Programs

Puppy Program


This 2 week program is perfect for new or experienced dog owners with young puppies to get them started off right!


We work on foundational skills to ensure your puppy grows up to be a great family member. After the initial 2 week stay with us, there are a series of private lessons with the owner to make sure the transition back home is smooth and successful. At 7-8 months of age the dog would come back for their final training.


Some of the things we work on are, crate training, exposure, socialization, foundational marker training, place, focus/engagement,

sit/down/stay, and many other behaviors. Fill out a contact form today to schedule a free phone consult!

2 Week On-Leash Program

This program is perfect for owners of social, young adult or older dogs looking for a high level of obedience or some tightening up on their existing obedience. Your dog will stay in our home with our dogs and family, we don't keep them in kennel buildings or facilities. 


Some of the behaviors we will teach your dog are, loose leash walking, place (elevated dog bed included with program), sit, down, stay (reliable with distractions in public), no jumping, no nipping, no nuisance barking, and many more. We guarantee you will be thoroughly impressed with your dogs new skills. Reach out today to schedule a quick, free 10 minute phone consult. 

4 Week Off-leash Program

This program is the most advanced program we offer. It is perfect for dog owners who want off leash freedom and control over their dog in any environment with any distraction. It doesn't matter if you're an avid hiker or just want to take your dog to a kids soccer game or brewery, this program would be perfect for you. We have helped hundreds of dogs reach off leash freedom.  Reach out today to schedule a quick 10 minute phone consult.


Reactivity Program

3-6 weeks

(depending on evaluation)

This program focuses on rehabbing dogs with leash reactivity. Don't live your life avoiding everyone in the neighborhood by waiting until midnight to walk your dog. Give us a call!

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